So, what’s bugging you?

Here I am, 61.9 years old, still employed with no end in sight, home with two bassets, one beagle and a cat named after Colin Firth.  Because I love him (Colin Firth, tho I love the cat too of course).

My two friends and I are all in the same boat, with minor differences.  I’ll let them tell you their stories but I’ll start out with mine.

What bugs me?  Hmmm.  What used to bother me (but now I’m convinced is a superpower ) is the fact that once I turned 55 or so, I became invisible.  Salespeople no longer noticed me.  Leaving a store with the goods and not paying became a more practical alternative than waiting through eternity to be helped (but I never did it, I swear).  Waitresses and waiters looked through me like Demi Moore looked through Patrick Swayze in “Ghost.”  And men?  Forgetaboutit.

On the bright side, I no longer appear to be visible to police officers OR their radar/lidar/whatever they’re shooting at my car to see how fast I’m going.  And when the kid in the ticket office at the movies takes a quick look, I automatically get the senior price for the ticket (however, I do enjoy being mistakingly charged full price…I consider it a compliment).

The invisibility factor became an issue when, as a late bloomer, returned to college in 2006 to finish my bachelor’s degree.  I was afraid that as a “nontraditional student” I might be overlooked in discussions or left out of group projects.  Fortunately, that did not happened and my college experience was fantastic and I graduated in 2011.  I faced a similar fear when I decided to go for my master’s degree in liberal arts but my fears were put aside right away.  I was not only noticed, but encouraged to speak up and in most classes I became the older, wiser voice of generations past. (If they only knew how little I’ve matured over the years…I like to think in a good way.)

So here I am with a masters in Liberal Arts (“would you like fries with that?”) and a job in which it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.  Today I used the word “antithesis” in a letter and it was shot down as being too much for the intended audience.  And the person who told me that pronounced it “anti thesis,” like two separate words.  Okay, I’m just being smug now.

So, I feel like I need to do something with all of that education practically spilling out of me with nowhere to go, I decided to collaborate on this blog with my best friends and fellow broads.

In the meantime, what bugs you?  If this were a talk show and I asked for calls, what would you tell me?

It’s all up for grabs…families, jobs, bosses, sales clerks, random road rage drivers, talk to us.  We want to know.

Love ya!  Barb